Practice Areas



We have the services you need to properly prepare and submit your personal tax, corporate, or any type of taxes you require. We have you covered so you take care of business.



We provide a detailed support of how financial systems work in NGOs and how NGOs can make use of this guidance to develop their own financial policy for effective organizational management, fulfillment of local statutory requirements and better mobilization of funding for the organization.

We help with the following:

·   NGO Financial Management Policy

·   Basis of Accounting and How to maintain           Accounting Trail

·   How to Manage Cash Account and                     Transactions in NGOs

·   Procurement, Stock and Inventory                     Management in NGOs

·   Objectives and Procedures for Purchases in         NGOs

·   How to develop Financial Planning and               Budgeting

·   Budget Management and Planning the               Financials

.   Pre-audit and Financial Reports in NGOs

·   Internal Control Measures and Management       Information Report

·   maintenance of Fixed Assets Register



We’ll handle paycheck tracking, issuing stop payments, reconciling payroll data, filing and reporting payroll taxes and employee insurance, and maintaining accurate accounting records.



·  Maintain the chart of accounts

·  Conduct a monthly reconciliation of every          bank account

·  Conduct periodic reconciliations of all accounts    to ensure their accuracy

·  Pre-audit work and monthly management          accounting

·  Provide information to the external accountant    who creates the company’s financial                  statements

·  Assemble information for external auditors for    the annual audit

·  Calculate and issue financial analysis of the        financial statements

·  Maintain an orderly accounting filing system

·  Maintain the annual budget

·  Calculate variances from the budget and            report significant issues to management

·  Comply with local, state, and federal                  government reporting requirements

·  Completing income tax returns

Budget and Cash Flow Management

Preparing your cash flow budget will help you project cash inflows and outflows over a specific period, and this will be tied to your budget projection.



Recruitment and Selection

We find the right people for your open positions.

Employee Benefits

We research and analyze benefits programs and trends and implements plans based on your Business.

Compensation and Evaluations

We build and determine employee pay grades.

Training and Development

We provide resources such as workshops and seminars..


We ensure that your business satisfies employment laws to avoid audits and penalties by the agency that oversees those laws.


We oversee employee terminations, conduct exit interviews.